Concept art for my game

Just a bit of concept art so far, for my Minecraft style game.


A “pile-o-bones”.  This is the handy static “block” mesh that any dead creatures turn into.  This saves on performance and still lets you know that something happened here, eg. a battle, or just some predator is eating people.


Concept art of a possible opening shot for the trailer. Not finished – the hills on the right are bare.  This will be in game graphics so this concept art really is for helping me choose the colours for my game.  I felt that there was something a bit average about this, it might do for the daytime, but for the trailer I realised I imagined something else…


This is another attempt at the opening shot.  I think there is a more interesting layout of trees and I think the opening shot needs to be sunrise.Overcast fields

This is some old concept art I had laying around. I wanted to do a scene like this, it was inspired from the windy fields in the Lord of the Rings games from the Super Nintendo.

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